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Stephanie M.
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what If YOU Had A Proven Roadmap To Easily Shed A Few Pounds, Stay Lean, & Feel Better Than ever Before?
From: Reuben Brooks from Team Approved
Subject: How "Lean Build Shred" Can Change Your Entire Life

Dear High-Performer,

Have you ever thought:
This Whole "Diet" Thing Looks Way Too Hard To Stick With...
I see a bunch of people who RAVE about it... who are religious about the "Keto lifestyle"...

And it seems like they're all healthy and full of energy... but...
"How am I, a complete beginner without a ton of experience, knowledge, or motivation... gonna make the "Keto Diet" work for ME?!"
My name is Reuben Brooks... 

...and I'm here to tell you that everything you know about the "Keto Diet" is WRONG!

But first... I wanna tell you about how I discovered that the HARD way.

Before I became a Bodybuilding.com athlete, I was just a normal college kid who wanted to have rock-solid abs so I could win a "Spring Break" bet against my good friend:
Little did I know... What started as a $50 bet would drastically change my entire life...

When I returned from Spring Break that year, I had a new focus: My health & fitness

Before I knew it...

I took things to the EXTREME in order to prepare for my first fitness competition:
 I was doing 7 days of exercise and cardio training...
 I had no time for school, my girlfriend, or any sort of "social" event...
 I prepared EVERY meal in little Tupperware containers...
(You know the drill)

I spent months preparing... putting everything else aside so I could focus on winning...

And sure enough, I ended up winning the competition!

Take a look:
Now you might be thinking to yourself, "Wow... impressive... That takes a lot of hard work!"

And it did. I worked my a** off to win that competition.

But it's what happened AFTER the competition that changed me forever.
When the competition ended, I QUICKLY put on 30 extra lbs. of unhealthy weight, started "emotionally eating," and for the first time in my life felt like a complete FAILURE...
I just didn't get it (if I'm being honest)...

Leading up to the competition, I was in the "best shape" of my life (or so I thought).

Now, I was too scared to even step on the scale!

That's when I realized the KEY to optimizing the human body for peak performance...
Give Me Just 28 Days to Walk You Through This Challenge...
And I'll Transform You Into A Performance Keto Warrior!
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